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25 September 2014 @ 07:20 pm
Another much-needed icon dump, full of icons made for the7days, iconbattling, s1icontest and probably one or two more I'm forgetting at the moment.

Last but certainly not least, I participated in icontalking's epic Lost battle, which was in celebration of the show's 10 year anniversary. Several icon makers got together and reached an overall consensus of our favorite 20 characters, then made an icon for each of them. Lost was the show that got me into fandom. It sucked me in from the beginning and I was an eager captive until the very end and beyond. It's carved out its own spot in my heart (and is still my number one show to this day), so I knew I had to take part in this battle. Check out the first and second parts for a great collection of Lost icons.

31 Lost
14 Hannibal
8 The Mindy Project
5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones, Nikita, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Star-Crossed

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17 June 2014 @ 10:02 pm
My submission for Round 30: Adventures in Wonderland over at 20inspirations. I missed the comm's Down the Rabbit Hole theme, so when this came along I was so happy! Freeing yourself up to play and go crazy with compositional elements you never would've dared to otherwise is a pretty great feeling.

[Ramblings about working with this round and my love note to the show.]I pushed myself with my first few icons, but they still felt a little too familiar to me. So I tried out two styles I really admired but hadn't really explored: the painty style and the grungy yet classy vintage style. There are also a few styles thrown in there that I don't even know how to describe. :P As a result, this set is a mix of light and sweet, quirky and carnival-like, and dark, gritty and strange. What better show to use than Pushing Daisies, which fits these three styles to a T?

Working on this batch really made me miss the show that much more. The story and style were amazing enough, but the writing was a special kind of gem. The dialogue was incredibly fun, at times philosophical and deep, other times funny and whimsical, yet always witty. No one actually speaks the way these characters do, but that's part of what kept the show in its own happy little bubble. That being said, amazingly enough I barely used text in this batch. I really tried to focus on my texture use and compositions. These icons probably won't be for everyone, but I kinda like this crazy mishmash that I ended up with.

Also, what are the odds that this post has the same number of icons as my last one (and another 20in20 at that)?

31 Pushing Daisies

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20 May 2014 @ 02:32 am
My first non-sitcom 20in20 submission! Granted, I've only done two other ones. This was for Round 34 at inspired20in20. The theme focused on four major elements of iconning: cropping, coloring, composition and text (the icons are arranged in that order). It brought me back to theiconquest, so I decided to do an even split; five for each technique, though I ended up incorporating at least two elements for most of these.

My inspiration tank has been running low as of late, but fueled by my sudden desire to churn out some Game of Thrones icons, I made a really last minute decision to enter. Had to rush some icons to finish this on time, but I'm actually pretty proud of how they turned out as a whole. I experimented with a few new things and stuck with my old bag of tricks for others, so I'm eager to hear the feedback on these.

Warning: Spoilers for season four, excluding 4x07, "Mockingbird."

31 Game of Thrones

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27 December 2013 @ 06:24 pm
This icon post is a compilation of all the theiconquest icons I never got around to completing/submitting/posting.

There's a wide range of 2012 and 2013 icons here (some I love, some I hate), and you can hover over each icon to see when it was made. In an attempt to keep things organized, everything's been split up into the community's different chapters and quests. Fandoms are also listed for each, since there are so. Freaking. Many. Fitting considering I watch too many things for my own good. I also tacked on my icons from an incomplete battle that was going to be submitted to iq_coliseum.

Looking forward to 2014 and starting anew with iconning!

23 Pride & Prejudice
13 Lost
6 Revenge
5 Teen Wolf
8 Nikita, Once Upon a Time
12 Dexter, Grimm, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars
16 Castle, Game of Thrones, Happy Endings, History of a Salaryman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Modern Family, New Girl, That '70s Show
8 Dollhouse, Episodes, Friends, Glee, Harry Potter, Suits, The Little Mermaid, Veep

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10 November 2013 @ 08:37 pm
Finally, a new post... though one filled with old icons. My muse abandoned me for the past several months, but I'm starting to get a little inspired again, so I want to clear out some of the icons sitting in my computer for a fresh start. Included in this post are my most recently made icons (two months ago) from an incomplete Breaking Bad battle with ponytrix. Each icon had one general theme and one technical theme, so you can hover over the main icons in 4-15 if you're curious to see which themes were used.

I also have a massive all-theiconquest icon dump coming up. These are unfinished quest entries that I've decided to just post (plus more icons from another unfinished battle), since the community's not really running anymore. But hopefully a new icon post or two will preface that one!

15 Breaking Bad
9 Nikita
7 Veronica Mars
4 Black Swan
10 The Avengers, The Other Boleyn Girl, Happy Endings, Léon: The Professional, Pushing Daisies
6 Castle, Garden State, Hannibal, Lost, Star Wars, V For Vendetta

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