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twenty six // 40 icons

I love text! A shame it doesn't always love me. This entry's for the text round at 20inspirations (my first entry there, exclamation points). As usual, I tried to aim for some cohesive style and ended up failing completely. So instead what you get is random colors, fonts, and gif usage because animated text icons are just funnier than still ones. It's also the closest I'll ever get to creating an animation (because legit gifs and I do not mix a.k.a. I'm too lazy to learn how to make them), so of course I'm going to abuse what little knowledge of this tool I have.

[More rambling, of course.]I started and completed Parks and Recreation a month or two ago after hearing so much about how great it was. Everyone was right. It is funny and heartwarming and creative and more. The wonderful thing about great sitcoms is I don't need to sit around and brainstorm new lines of text or song lyrics to use, because each episode is already chock-full of quote gold. Despite the mad rush I did with the last half of those icons (Note to self: This is what you get when you keep procrastinating. Why don't you ever learn?!) this was a lot of fun to work on. And yes, I did end up with as many alternates as original icons. I don't even know.

Side note: For 18... um. Haha. Ha. Somewhere along the way I ran out of ideas, and then I found this cap and decided to paint over Leslie. Who knows why. But the text came about because it kind of looks like a courtroom sketch and that reminded me of Leslie's trial regarding her relationship with Ben.

P.S. Those request icons will be posted in my next entry, I promise! I have a few more left to do but I spent up all my Photoshopping energy working on these, and I want to gather up inspiration to make decent icons instead of half-assing them.

40 Parks and Recreation



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